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Powered by Alpes NN(patented), a faster and proven approach to AI.

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Do the following problems sound familiar?

How much data is enough?
Trouble finding the right data engineering team?
What are the right features for your data set? Which is the best neural network architecture for your problems?
How do you handle incremental training data?
Do you worry about giving all your data to FAMG(Facebook/Amazon/Microsoft/Google)?
Do you start your training, wait for days only to find that the data is not enough or DNN architecture is wrong?
How can you be sure that the current AI system you have is the best?

AI, the easy way

Alpes AI Platform.

AI should be natural. AI should be explainable.

Deep neural networks are not the only way to do AI.

Try the Alpes approach and see the difference.

Introduce AI into your product for the cost of a single AI engineer.

We can help you introduce AI into your stack in days.

The Alpes Approach


Data forms the basic foundation for any AI system. Our data scientists will work with your product teams to understand the data available to you. We will then identify the different pain points which can be solved using your data and our AI algorithms.


This is where the Alpes approach shines. Powered by our patented AI algorithm, our velocity of experimentation is almost 10x the traditional deep neural network approaches. With deep learning, you will have to spend weeks and thousands of dollars on compute to identify the right features and apply machine learning on your data. Also, deep learning works only when you have lots of data. And even if it works, you will not be able to explain why it works and in what scenarios it will fail. With the Alpes approach you will not have these problems. We will deliver your first AI model in a matter of days with a clear pipeline to improve your model accuracy.


Once you are satisfied with the model accuracy and the pipeline, we can host the models for you on your behalf or setup the models on your servers.

Why us?

Our patented algorithm is awesome! A true alternative to deep neural networks, it has all the advantages of DNNs with none of it's problems.


Alpes has the fastest learning algorithm with O(NlogN) time complexity. This will allow you to iterate training with your data fast to find the right feature set.

Incremental Learning

Algorithm can perform incremental learning. When fed with new training data you don't need to run the whole training process again. This will allow your products to imbibe new data on the fly while making decisions.


Clear understanding of why the system is learning or not learning. AI is not a blackbox anymore. This will allow you to fine tune your data and get the right data to make your product learn better.

Clear APIs

Well defined generic train and test APIs for all kinds of data. Specific APIs for speech, vision and text problems. Easily integrate into your developer stack.

Multiple hosting models

Host the trained models yourself so that your data never leaves you. Or run the trained models from the Alpes cloud.

Case Studies

Alpes AI solving real world business problems


Challenge: Build a personalized wakeword detection system to allow integration into mobile and web apps.

Solution: Collected 1000 utterances of wakeword and helped in identifying the right features. The features were mapped to the voice space using our patented Alpes algorithm.


Challenge: Improve agent productivity suggesting right answers to customer questions.

Solution: Collected 650 tickets and applied NLP techniques like stemming, lemmatization to extract the core of the tickets. The core sentences were classified using Alpes algorithm to form the base model. This model learns incrementally every day.


Challenge: Build a background removal tool from photos.

Solution: Using image processing techniques we identify the main object in focus. The object pixel co ordinates are identified and the remaining pixels are converted to white.

Endless Possibilities

Alpes algorithm can be used across domains to provide ML solutions

Recommendation Engine

If you have user behaviour data like buying information, liked products, page views etc we can use our algorithm to group similar patterns and provide recommendations. Unlike other algorithms in the market, our system can perform incremental learning on the fly. This means that your recommendation engine will always be learning and will adapt to new user behaviour. The recommendation engine can also be used to power your notifications.


Alpes algorithm has provided very good results for a variety of NLP tasks including text classification, summarization and sentiment analysis. If you have a good dataset of documents, tickets, chat or other textual data, we can use the Alpes algorithm directly or use it in combination with BERT,GPT-2 language models. We have had especially good results with chat bots and smart reply systems.

Our Team

Founded in March 2018 by experts in Machine learning and Computer vision

Dr. Eswaran Kumar

CEO, M.S. (IIT Kanpur), Ph.D (University of Madras)

Dr. Pia Mukherjee

Vice President, Ph.D University of Cambridge

Our Mission and Vision

We at Alpes are striving hard, to apply our research for real-world impact in health, science, energy and many more domains. Alpes is one of the world leaders in artificial intelligence research and its application for positive impact.
Our motivation in all we do is to maximise the positive and transformative impact of AI. We believe that AI should ultimately belong to the world, in order to benefit the many and not the few, and we’ll continue to research, publish and implement our work to that end.

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